The Lennon Center Has a New Look!

Change has been in the air around the Lennon Center. Over the summer we have completely redecorated the office, completely re-done our websites, and added a new Special Topics class on Mondays. For us, change is good.

A big thanks to the Allen Park Home Depot for donating painting supplies AND man hours to get the job done. We could not have completed the task without their help and expertise. Follow them on Twitter here. We would also like to thank Jacob Roman for our new websites. His volunteer work has made it possible for us to better serve and reach our clients. You can visit his personal site here.

Last year’s banquet theme was ‘Extending our Reach’. That is exactly what we want to do here at the Lennon Center, reach those who have not yet heard about us. Last year we served clients from over 35 cities! The Metro-Detroit area is full of women and parents who need pregnancy advice, support, and help. We are hoping that through our changes and updates we can create a fresh environment for new clients. We want to expand our reach to those who might have not heard about us before due to a variety of factors. Did you know the Lennon Center has a Facebook and a Twitter? Follow us to stay updated on current events and, of course, to see adorable baby pictures. Find our Facebook here… and our Twitter here.


Here are some pictures of our office redecoration (still somewhat in-the-works):



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