The Beauty of Breastfeeding

Last month was National Breastfeeding Month. It’s awesome we have decided to raise awareness about this health-giving, life-giving, beautiful service a mother can give to her child. At the Lennon Pregnancy Center, we promote breastfeeding when at all possible. We realize for some mothers it is not an option. But for those who are able to breastfeed, it is by far the best gift you could give to your new child.

We often refer to breast milk as ‘liquid gold’, especially right after birth. Breast milk contains important antibodies and vital nutrients for your child. Babies who are breast fed are also known to have lower risks of asthma or allergies. Babies crave, and even need, physical closeness to their parents and especially their mother. The bonding and feeling of protection your child receives from breastfeeding is irreplaceable.

Breastfeeding has its benefits for mothers, too! It is known to help mothers lose the weight gained during pregnancy because it burns calories. One of the obvious benefits this natural method gives to parents is the ability to save money. Formula can be extremely costly, especially for single parents or those who are low-income. At the Lennon Pregnancy Center we love to help our parenting class attendees with baby formula when it’s available. However, we truly believe breastfeeding is the best option.

The recommended amount of time to breastfeed is typically 6 months. Some women continue for the first year of their child’s life, and some continue even longer than that. It’s really up to personal preference! Keep in mind, the more teeth your child develops, the less comfortable breastfeeding will become.


Recently, there have been heated debates over the topic of breastfeeding in public. Some women are against it completely, some will do it with some sort of covering for themselves and their child, and some openly breastfeed no matter the occasion. This article from the Office of Women’s Health says, “…it is important to believe in yourself and your choice.”

Interested in learning more about breastfeeding? The Lennon Center offers breastfeeding classes throughout the year. Call us to find out more information! (313) 277-5637.